Yoichi Hirai's Log

  • Picking an Activity

    I have several options to spend 5 minutes. I've tried those options and I've recorded whether each trial was good or bad. >>> activities = [ { "name": "duolingo", "good": 7, "bad": 5 }, { "name": "topics in algebra", "good": 10, "bad": 2 }, { "name": "byzantine history", "good": 10, "bad": 3 }, { "name": "journaling", "good": 16, "bad": 2 }, { "name": "kahn academy", "good": 8, "bad": 5 } ] Here I'm assuming that each activity is a Bernoulli, and their parameters follow Beta distribution of a particular form \(\Beta(g + 1, b + 1)\), where \(g\) and \(b\) denotes the numbers of good and bad experiences.

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  • Picking a value from Beta Distribution

    Now I want to pick a random sample from a beta distribution. Before talking about beta distribution, it's a good idea to make sure that I can write LaTeX equations. How does it work? I search for “Hugo latex”. This one looks promising. So I do that. And I should see a nice \(\Beta(\alpha, \beta)\)$ here. I did this, and already 30 minutes have passed (the linked post had a small mistake in the code).

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  • Life Organization

    I don't know the title of this post. Suddenly I have time. I need to structure my life again. I was clever enough to book an intensive German course before suspending my work, so my life has some structure. That's a temporary solution. The course ends this week. I dig around. When something makes more sense, I dig deeper. I also don't want to miss other possibilities. So I'm facing some exploration vs exploitation problem.

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