Riak(004) discovery of epmd

After peeking riak_core codes, I noticed some occurrences of net_adm:ping/1 calls. The net_adm:ping/1 takes one argument called Node and it sends a ping request. When the peer specified by Node answers back, ping returns pong. In any case, some mechanism must resolve the node names like 'node1@machine.example.com‘. The name resolver turns out to be epmd. So, I am trying to port it into OCaml.

Since the epmd-equivalent daemon has to communicate with local and remote nodes,
there must be some data serialization mechanisms. The bin_prot should be suitable.

github repo

Date Plan
7/7 nothing (traveling)
7/8 start editting Rpc code to support connection keeping
7/9 Rpc with connection keeping
7/10 Rpc with connection keeping
7/11 parse some of epmd options