I decided to read the Riak source code. My day job involves lots of Coq scripting, paper reading and PowerPoint drawing, but I rarely read codes. So I have to hack at home to keep my programming skills. Another thing is, since my employer does not want me to leak information, my public exposure is somewhat diminished.

I set a goal: porting Riak to OCaml. Well, Riak is written in Erlang but OCaml runs presumably faster. The Erlang code contains lots of pattern matching, but OCaml has some pattern matching. The concurrency should be dealt with OCaml light weight thread techniques.

My available resource on this project is limited. I’ll be slow. Maybe somebody else finishes this sooner, but in that case, I will be able to understand their code better if I work on this now.

Date Plan
June 26 Planning.
June 27 nothing (partying).
June 28 grasp what deps/* do
June 29 read Real World OCaml appendix A and build an OCaml environment.
June 30 try using Riak
July 1 choose one of deps/* to port first